Make a wish list


What do you like to have?

Would you like to make a list of all the clothes you would like to have?

That is possible with our wish list. You need to have a customer account if you want to use this feature and you need to be logged in for it to take effect.

How does it work?

Click on “Add to Wishlist” to add a garment to your wish list. You can view the list under "My wish list" in your customer account.

You can create more lists in your customer account (e.g. a wish list for every child or season). To add items to a certain list while you are shopping, you need to set that particular wish list as “default” list in your customer account. Do you want to add clothes to another wish list? Then change first the default wish list. Through your customer account you’re also able to switch items from one list to another in a very easy way.

A wish list is stored in your customer account and can be e-mailed or shared on social media.