Don’t pay shipping costs with our shipping voucher

verzending voucher

Free shipping

You don’t pay any shipping costs as of a certain purchase amount. Your purchase amount is the total of your products minus the possible used vouchers.

Overview free shipping amounts

Belgium€ 100,00
the Netherlands€ 150,00
Luxemburg€ 185,00
Germany€ 175,00
France€ 235,00
United Kingdom€ 255,00

Round up your purchase amount to free shipping

Are you not eligible for free shipping? In that case you can, with just 1 click in your shopping cart, round up automatically your purchase amount to free shipping with the purchase of a voucher. And that’s possible from 1 cent.


Free shipping starting from 55 EUR

Purchase clothing: 44,95 EUR
Purchase gift voucher: 10 EUR
Purchase amount: 44,95 + 10 = 54,95 EUR

You can buy a voucher of 0,05 EUR to receive free shipping.

Total amount to pay:  54,95 + 0,05 = 55 EUR

Free shipping starting from 75 EUR

Purchase clothing: 89,39 EUR
Use of gift voucher: 20 EUR
Purchase amount: 89,39 – 20 = 69,39 EUR

You can buy a voucher of 5,61 EUR to receive free shipping.

Total amount to pay:  69,39 + 5,61 = 75 EUR

How does it work?

You can see the total amount of your purchases in your shopping cart. Below you can find the amount that you need to be eligible for free shipping. You can also change the country of destination in here if necessary.

Next you can continue shopping OR purchase this difference as a voucher. The purchase of this voucher also counts for your 3% loyalty discount after each purchase.

The shipping voucher can be found in your shopping cart. Do you want to add an item, remove something or use a different voucher? The amount of the shipping voucher will automatically adjust. Is the amount of the voucher zero? Then it will be automatically removed from your shopping cart.

Always valid & separately, together and partially usable

This digital shipping voucher will be stored under ‘‘My vouchers’’ in your customer account or you will receive it per e-mail if you don’t have a customer account. The shipping voucher is always valid and does not have an expiration date. You can use it with your next purchase or just save it. You can also use several shipping vouchers and other vouchers together in one purchase.

You can also just use a part of the shipping voucher if the total of your purchase is less than the amount of your shipping voucher. In such a case, your purchase will be paid in full with the voucher. For the remaining amount, you will receive a new voucher in your customer account or through e-mail if you don’t have a customer account.

How do you use a shipping voucher?

In your shopping cart, under your products, you will find the zone VOUCHERS/DISCOUNT CODES. If you are logged in you will see all your vouchers (including shipping vouchers) there. If you do not have a customer account you will find your vouchers in your e-mails.

Now click on the code of a voucher or enter the code in the box. Then click "Oké". The amount of your purchase is now reduced by the amount of your voucher. Repeat this process if you have multiple vouchers to be used together in one purchase.

You can always remove the voucher from the overview of your shopping cart until the payment of your purchase. Your voucher will then remain valid for when you want to use it another time.