Surprise family and friends with a digital gift voucher from

  • You can choose a gift voucher from 10 to 100 EUR.
  • You can purchase multiple gift vouchers together.
  • You don't pay any shipping costs when purchasing a digital gift voucher.
  • Purchasing a gift voucher also counts for your 3% loyalty discount after each purchase!
  • Buy a gift voucher along with clothing and this gift voucher counts towards the amount for free shipping!

A gift voucher from is always valid and has no expiration date. You can use it for a future purchase or just save it. You can also use multiple gift vouchers and other vouchers together in one purchase.

You can also just use a part of the gift voucher if the total of your purchase is less than the amount of your gift voucher. In such a case, your purchase will be paid in full with the gift voucher. For the remaining amount, you will receive a new voucher through e-mail.

Every gift voucher has an unique code which you can only find in your e-mail and on the voucher itself.

In your shopping cart, under your products, you will find the zone VOUCHERS/DISCOUNT CODES. Here you can enter the code of your gift voucher. Click on "Oké" and the amount of your purchase is now reduced by the amount of your gift voucher. Repeat this process if you have multiple gift vouchers to be used together in one purchase.

You can always remove the gift voucher in the overview of your shopping cart until the payment of your purchase. Your gift voucher will then remain valid for when you want to use it another time.

Gift voucher amount:

How do you like to receive the gift voucher?

The gift voucher will be send to your e-mail as a PDF-document. This way you will be able to forward it to the person you wish to surprise OR to print it if you prefer having the voucher on paper.

You can personalize the gift voucher on our website with a nice message and then send it to the e-mail address of your choice. You can choose to send the gift voucher immediately or choose an expedition date in the future. This is ideal if you want to surprise someone on a given day. For example, in 2 weeks it is your niece's birthday; you buy a gift voucher now and choose to send it on her birthday; her mother or father will receive the gift voucher in their mailbox that chosen day.